Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Amish Christian Fiction eBook Specials for .99

If you love Amish Christian fiction as much as I do, you'll enjoy today's picks, all great bargains from amazon.com at just .99 each.  Fall weather is here, and it's the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, your Kindle, and a good book to keep you company.

Amish by Accident by J.E.B. Spredemann is available in the paperback version for $12.99, but you can download it for Kindle at just .99 - what a bargain!

Save $5.00 by downloading Jacob's Daughter:  Book One by Samantha Jillian Bayarr at the .99 price.

Samantha has another book available for .99 also.  You could be reading The Quilter's Son: Book One: Liam's Choice in minutes if you download right now.

Paying just .99 for a $10.00 book is always a welcome deal. Don't let Sarah Price's Hills of Wheat get away.

In another selection by Sarah Price, the author shares some of her own experiences while living with the Amish in Fields of Corn, for .99 once again.

No Kindle? No problem! Amazon has a free app that allows you to read your eBooks on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or other electronic device.  Download the free reading app and have it ready for the next bargain book that comes your way.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I Got Him to Marry Me: 50 True Stories

How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories, is now available in eBook form at Barnes and Noble for Nook, Amazon for Kindle , and Kobo for the Kobo Reader. The paperback will be available April 1 through Amazon. The eBook should be on iTunes soon.

Condensed description:

He likes it. Now get him to put a ring on it! Learn from these 50 stories of women who have been there! You don't have to interview 50 married women to find out how they managed to get that ring on their finger. The author has done that for you. All 50 were married after 1990, so this is modern information for our changing times. Read and find out how you can get him to marry you and not just live together!


Please see the end of the eBook to learn how to claim a free paperback copy after you post an honest review! Limited to the first 25 reviewers at Amazon.com, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. (226 pages in paperback.)

Excerpt (with author's permission):

By my senior year, I was so ready to get married. It seemed like everyone in our graduating class was engaged except for us, and we were the only couple that had been together since freshman year. I was dropping so many hints about marriage that I was sure I would get in trouble for littering. I mean, I'd had the wedding planned in my mind since sophomore year; if we waited any longer, the engagement would seem like an afterthought.

But Paul was not ready to commit.

"But we're still so young," he would argue, and "you're the first person I've ever dated."

"But that doesn't automatically mean that we aren't right for each other," I would argue back. "It's not like there's some rule that you have to date x number of people before you meet the right one, or that it's impossible to meet her before you reach a certain age. If we're right for each other, then we're actually really lucky because we've avoided painful breakups and years of loneliness."

While he couldn't argue with my logic, I did not receive a ring any time soon.
He saw no reason to rush into an engagement while we were both perfectly happy dating. To him, an engagement wasn't necessary to keep me exclusively his because the guys at our college would steer clear of a girl if they so much as saw her walking down the sidewalk with another guy.

As a girl, I was not so fortunate. At our small, private college, girls outnumbered the guys at least 4 to 1. In the minds of all the single gals on campus, the fact that Paul and I had been dating ever since freshman year was no deterrent. They would flirt every opportunity they had until we were engaged. I was eaten up with jealousy any time he mentioned the name of another girl.

What I did not know then was that Jealousy is the glue that holds dating relationships together. Soon, I found out how powerful Jealousy was.

Like I said, most guys typically ignored me because they knew that I was Paul's girlfriend. But one day, I was sitting outside the school cafeteria, waiting for Paul to join me for lunch, when Kevin, a pre-med I knew from economics class, came up and put his arm around me! I was kinda creeped out by this. He'd never even talked to me before, and I knew he already had a girlfriend. Three, actually. So I had no idea what was wrong with him.

Want more?  You'll have to buy the book!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

History Buffs, This One's for You

Are you a history buff?  If you're interested in U.S. history, here's a great free book for you.  Will Carpenter gives us a real gem with his brand new release,  "The Life and Times of...: Researching and Writing American Local History , which is free today only, March 14, 2013.  Whoops, the author extended the event, so it's free today also, March 15.  Even at the regular listed price of $3.95, it's a bargain for a 200 page book.

Don't let this one get away.  Download it now and be on your way to documenting the history being made in your own back yard.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mrs. Rutherford's Big Ash Adventure Free This Weekend

Fiction writer Cora Maxine has done it again, this time with a prequel to a Paranormal Homicide series. "Mrs. Rutherford's Big Ash Adventure" contains murder and mayhem, but with a side order of humor for good measure.

A bargain at the regular price of .99, Ms. Maxine is offering "Mrs. Rutherford" for free all weekend, March 15-17, 2013. Mark your calendars now so that you don't forget to come back to claim this freebie, then watch this author for her next book release soon.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free eBook For Writers

Freelance writer just starting out?  Established writer who wants to maximize return of time invested?  This free eBook is for you.

Normally $8.99,  Managing a Freelance Writing Business: A Writer's Guide to Building a Strong Company is being offered as a free download through Monday, October 1, 2012.  This book is full of information to make the most of your freelance writing endeavors, no matter if you're a hobbyist or just starting out, or if your writing career is well underway.

An accomplished writer as well as financial professional, Angie Mohr uses her personal knowledge and expertise in both fields to help you get the most out of your writing.  After downloading her free book, take a look at what else she has to offer in related business, tax preparation, and finance topics. .

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Kindle or Nook Giveaway, Author Chat Party, and More!

Networking is a wonderful thing.  One of my favorite authors, Suzanne Woods Fisher, shared an author spotlight on her Facebook page last week where one of her readers would be chosen to win a book by another author, Sarah Sandlin.

I was fortunate enough to win Sarah's book, With Every Letter, a historical novel set in the WWII era.  I'm especially excited to get this book because the main character is serving as a Flight Nurse during the war, and since I'm a retired Marine, I'm partial to the topic of women in the military.  Watch for my review after I receive the book.

Winning the book then brought me to Sarah's Facebook page and this contest to win an eReader, the winner's choice of a Kindle Fire or Nook Color, as well as a handmade first aid kit and a copy of With Every Letter.  The contest ends tonight, September 26, 2012 so hurry to get your entry in.

Not familiar with Sarah Sandlin or her books?  Join her on Facebook for an author chat party on Thursday, September 27 at 8 p.m. EDT to chat about With Every Letter, play trivia games (brush up on your WWII history first!) and get more chances to win prizes.  The winner of the grand prize eReader giveaway will be announced during that chat, so mark your calendar and claim your seat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Arms, No Legs, and Still Unstoppable

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, but that hasn't slowed him down any.  Nick wowed us with his earlier book, Life Without Limits, and continues to use his amazing vision and powerful voice to inspire others to tasks they never thought possible. His latest book, Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action, promises more of the same.

Read a full chapter excerpt of Unstoppable, then place your advance order which will ship upon its release on October 2, 2012.